Ben Jorissen

Corda hackathon: Corda experience

Corda logo

Corda campus challenged contests in a 24 hour coding marathon to come up with a concept to use around the campus. After registering with Thomas Stockx for the contest, we were asked if we would want an extra member, Ruben Feyen.

We choose a project that would guide you around the campus using augmented reality, integrate scanable codes around the campus and show extra information. With the concept en our prototype we won the public vote award.

Used technologies: Android, Metaio SDK, Google location API

Here is a link to the video of the project. Scanning example

UIST 2013 student contest: Xbox H2O

XboxH2O screenshot

Our team from Hasselt university consisting of Thomas Stockx, Raf Ramakers, and myself won the 2nd price at the UIST 2013 student contest. Each team was given a state-of-the-art hardware, and are challenged to come up with interactions for the device. This year it the hardware was a kit containing 8 small waterpumps.

After brainstorming we came up with an idea for a game, where you can control a ball using fluid dynamics and the 8 pumps. Like seen in the picture below we put a pump at each side and the rest an the bottom of the setup. The ball floats on the waterjet propelled from the bottom pumps. The ball can be moved between pumps by activating the side pumps to splice the waterjets as seen in the image below. To integrate a game with the ball we used a projector and webcam, to respectively project and capture the scene. The game is controlled by an xbox-controller, hence the name of the project.

Used technologies: C++/C#, Pumpspark, Qt, OpenCV, Windows Presentation foundation

Here is a link to the video of the project. XboxH2O screenshot

Apps City hackathon: TaxiMeTy

TaxiMeTY icon

TaxiMeTY is a mobile application that allows dispatching of a taxi to the user's location with as few steps as possible. This is done by geolocation. The user can also see the location, distance and time left for the taxi to arrive on a map. The mobile app was developed for android and communicated with a server using a RESTful API. In the back-end, which was developed using PHP, calculations are performed and the route is calculated through the google API.

It was created on a hackathon with a limited time of 24 hours together with Thomas Stockx and Linsey Raymaekers.

Result: Finalist at Apps City Hackathon 2013.

Used technologies: Android, Google location API, PHP, JSON

Screen 1:TaxiMeTY screenshot 1

Screen 2:TaxiMeTY screenshot 2

Screen 3:TaxiMeTY screenshot 3

Screen 4:TaxiMeTY screenshot 4